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Attention! The laws of physics don’t work in our museum! Space and time warp to your liking with mind blowing effects.

stanza rovesciata  Museo delle Illusioni

The Flipped Room

Flying is the most natural thing you can do at the Museum of Illusions. Don’t believe me? Try out our “flipped room”!

The Symmetry Room

Every one of us has forgotten child-like aspects, the most dreamy and creative ones. Let them out in “the symmetry room” and rediscover the wonders of childhood!

Museo delle Illusioni Roma
Museo delle Illusioni Milano

Ames Room

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be the friendly giant or the tiny gnome of a story? Check out “Ames’ room” and the deal is done!

The Table of Clones

Sit at the table of clones and play a card game with yourself… Who will be the winner?

Museo delle Illusioni Roma

...and many more!

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