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  • How much do the tickets cost?
    Adults: 18 € Children (6-15 years old): 12 € Children (0-5 years old): free entry Family ticket: 45 € 2 adults and two children (6-15 years old) 2 adults and one child (6-15 years old) Students (High school and university): 15 € Over 60: 15€ People with disabilities*: 15€ * carer free of entry
  • What are the Museum’s opening times?
    The Museum of Illusions is open every day in the following hours: Rome: Monday to Thursday: 10.00 am to 8.30 pm (last entry 7.30 pm) Friday to Sunday: 10.00 am to 9 pm (last entry 8 pm) Milan: 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (last entry 7.00 pm) Friday to Sunday: 10.00 am to 9 pm (last entry 8 pm)
  • When is the Museum closed?
    The Museum is always open, Monday to Sunday all-day. Closing days, like Easter and Christmas, and possible variations on the opening and closing times will be indicated on the website’s homepage, in the “highlights” section with advance notice.
  • How long is the stay within the Museum?
    The time spent in the museum, estimated on the experiences of our visitors, is about an hour. During this time it is possible to appreciate all our illusions and take all the photos and videos you want.
  • Is the Museum of Illusions a temporary or permanent exhibition?
    The Museum of Illusions is a permanent museum.
  • Is a reservation required? Can I buy tickets directly at the museum?
    Every Saturday and Sunday of the year and on public holidays, admission to the museum is guaranteed only with online booking. Mondays to Thursdays, however, as long as there is no Holiday under way (indicated on our homepage under “highlights”), it is possible to visit the Museum without a reservation and buy the tickets directly at the front desk. In any case visitors who have made a reservation always have precedence over those who haven’t. Therefore, we strongly advise you to buy tickets online in advance.
  • I’m making a reservation and I can’t select my preferred date or time. What does it mean?
    If you are unable to select a date or time it means that the tickets are sold out. We therefore invite you to choose another date and/or time.
  • How do I change the date of my reservation?
    Until 11.59 pm on the day before the visit, it is possible to change the date of the visit by clicking on the "manage your booking" link in the email received with the ticket. The change can only be made once and in accordance with the availability of tickets on the new date indicated.
  • Is it possible to buy the tickets with public benefits, 18app, teacher’s card, etc.?
    The Museum of Illusions does not yet include specific agreements for civil servants (officers, law enforcement, etc.) and/or with the “culture bonus” (18app, teacher's card, etc.). However, we are working to expand the range of our concessions.
  • Can I buy an open end ticket as a gift?
    To date, the Museum of Illusions does not dispose of open end tickets. As soon as the service is available, we will activate a dedicated link in the "buy your ticket" section.
  • Do large groups have a right to any discounts?
    If your group is made out of 20/30 people, the Museum of Illusions has a special offer for you: a free ticket every 9 people and the possibility of a guided tour to be arranged. For more information, send us a request at least two weeks in advance by filling out the module present on the “groups” web page.
  • From what age can children enter the museum?
    The Museum of Illusions is aimed at everyone, young and old, however children aged 5 and under will only be able to appreciate the museum partially. The experience is therefore mainly aimed at children aged 6 and over.
  • Is it possible to access the museum with strollers or prams?
    The museum can be visited with strollers and prams, but for 3 rooms, due to very inclined floors, that are not yet accessible: the Vortex Tunnel, Ames’ Room and the Tilted Room. During the itinerary it is possible not to enter these rooms and proceed beyond them.
  • Is the museum accessible for people with health issues?
    The Museum of Illusions has been designed for everyone. Only 3 rooms, out of about 70 illusions, are not recommended for people with reduced mobility or problems related to epilepsy or balance: the Vortex Tunnel, the Tilted room and Ames’ room. During the itinerary it is possible to not enter these rooms and proceed beyond them.
  • Are animals allowed to enter the Museum?
    Dogs up to 10 kg can enter the museum if inside a bag or on a leash Over 10 kg entrusted to our partner BauAdvisor, which offers an innovative service of Dog Sitting and Dog Walker We are waiting for you!
  • Is there a refreshment area within the Museum?
    There is no refreshment area within the Museum, but there are many cafès and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.
  • Is it possible to park near the Museum?
    ROME The museum in Rome is located within the limited traffic zone (ZTL) railway ring. In the immediate vicinity there are several paid parking lots, also for people with disabilities. MILAN The museum in Milan is located in “area B” of the limited traffic zone (ZTL). Near the museum there are several paid parking lots, both public and private, also for people with disabilities.
  • Is it possible to deposit luggage, small backpacks and coats within the Museum?
    There are lockers provided with keys within the Museum for small bags and/or coats, small in size and with limited availability. The lockers’ availability depends on the number of visitors at the time of the visit. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that there are enough for all our guests.
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