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An experiential journey that explores the world of perception going beyond optical illusions and investigating the world of olfactory ones.

Museo delle Illusioni Roma

From the ancient Egyptians who also gave perfumes a sacred connotation, to the master perfumers at the court of the Luis XIV intent on satisfying the most extravagant requests of his nose, up to today's neuroscientists who investigate the most hidden secrets of the olfactory system, the sense of smell is one of the senses that has always fascinated human being and which most influences their daily lives.

Smells guide us by giving us information about the surrounding environment, about things and people.

Smells have the power to evoke memories, sensations and make us change mood in a few fractions of seconds.

Smells deceive us, even influencing our choices.


Museo delle Illusioni Milano

Illusions under the nose is an experiential journey that draws a bridge between optical and olfactory illusions. Visitors, after a basic introduction to smell, will experience the world of smells with their "noses", revealing their tricks and secrets.


If you are a group of 20/30 visitors, the Museum of Illusions has a special offer for you: one free entry every 9 visitors and the possibility of a guided tour.

To find out more, send us your contact request at least two weeks in advance by filling out the form below.

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