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Plan your group visit in the magical world of Illusions and live out an hour of magic in the spirit of surprise and discovery. 

Museo delle Illusioni Roma

What are optical illusions? 

Which laws of physics hide behind them? 

Why does our mind let itself be tricked? 


Find out the answers to these questions through an itinerary of pure fun.

A practical and intuitive one-hour journey in which you will be free to experience all our illusions and discover all about their secrets! More than 70 installations, from the great optical classics to the most modern ones specifically created for our museum, are waiting for you!


Stanza rovesciata - Museo delle Illusioni

If your group is made out of 20/30 people, the Museum of Illusions has a special offer for you: a free ticket every 9 people and the possibility of a guided tour to be arranged. 

For more information, send us a request at least two weeks in advance by filling out the module below. 

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